Tips to Improve Your Diction

For those who do not have English Language as a native language, the task is to be able to speak clearly, correctly and accurately at all times. This is not by any means a small task as the dynamics of language will be better appreciated when one attempts to study a foreign language. The good part here is that it is not an impossible task and you can make it a lot easier and more fun in the process of your having to learn the rudimentary aspects.

One of the areas you will need to be conversant with has to do with stress patterns. Sometimes one may identify correctly the sounds in words whether consonant or vowel but the tricky part is knowing where to place the stress. Just by way of introduction, stressed syllables are longer in duration, louder in volume and higher in pitch. In essence, they are usually the most noticeable from an aural point of view. Here are some tips that are sure to help the non-native speaker of English language to become a better speaker of the language who will be able to compare favourably with native speakers.

Audio CDs – There are a good number of resource materials available on CD that you can benefit from. Just as anyone interested in the French language can get resource materials on CD, the same applies to those with more than a passing interest in English language. Technology has even improved to the extent that we now have audio dictionaries and the like on CD. You can get a good reference material on phonetics, which you can listen to at your own convenience. This is like learning on the go as you dictate what time is convenient for your classes. The key to success here is repetition with consistency, as you need to listen to it repeatedly in a bid to master the rudiments. You cannot overemphasise the importance of practising and memorising what you listen to at all times.

BBC or CNN – One other way to improve your diction and consequently your spoken English is to listen to people who are more proficient in the use of the language when they speak. The option that readily comes to mind is the news channels on TV. If your preference is British English then the BBC is your number one choice. Just in case your preference is American English then the CNN would be your best bet. There is a lot to learn from listening to native speakers of the language and if you cannot leave your country for theirs, just because you want to be able to learn the language then you can bring them to you via the television.

Practice – The options given previously will be of no use if you fail to practise what you learn. The process of learning requires that you first unlearn the erroneous facts that you have learnt before and then learn the accurate information that you need to. Practice they say make perfect.

Temiloluwa Awonbiogbon is a consummate Public Speaker and Master of Ceremonies. He is President of Power Talk Services, a public speaking and talk services provider business headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. He believes that life can only be called life when everyone finds their place and fills it.

“Whatever you do give it your best shot as only the best is good enough” – Temiloluwa

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